Following his passion for animation, this engineer created the best animated short film ‘Schirkoa’

October 28, 2016

While when still pursuing his graduation, Ishan Shukla always used to mention that he intends to make his career in the animation industry, but it seems he not only has […]


Take a Semester On Social Entrepreneurship | Project Potential

October 20, 2016

      Projects That We Will Be Pursuing During Your Time Here — Building a Sustainable, Eco-Architecture Based Campus Community-Based Living Aand Learning Starting a Natural Farm Community-Based Street Theater […]


Top 15 Websites to inspire the Designer in you today

October 14, 2016

1. The Next Rembrandt The Next Rembrandt is an incredible art/film project that sought to create a new work “by Rembrandt,” so to speak, using data from his paintings. […]

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What are the most productive ways to spend time on the Internet?

October 8, 2016

By Deepak Mehta Index: A. Quora B. Reddit C. Youtube Channels D. Other websites E. Blogs for MBA students F. Various interests G. Short Stories H. Wikipedia articles A. Quora […]

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The Story Of Space | Call for Submission

October 5, 2016

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. – Viktor E. […]


Entrepreneurship & CS Resources for Students

October 1, 2016

By Cliff Weitzman What I wish I knew when I started at Brown Below are a few great resources I’ve collected over my time at Brown that I wish someone had […]

people doing bioengineering

Hack a bacteria to bioengineer banana fragrance !

September 18, 2016

Exposure to genetic engineering usually happens at the University level. By this time, many students have already made a preliminary career choice. Introducing students to genetic engineering at an earlier […]


Complete Course on Digital Photography by Google Reseacher

September 3, 2016

If you want a deeper technical understanding of photography, this is the perfect course by one of the pioneers, Marc Levoy in the field, completely free. In case you’re unaware […]

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What type of mathematics is behind Pixar animation?

August 27, 2016

Eric Jang, Google Brain, Pixar Undergraduate Program Intern ’13 All sorts! Pixar’s technology is an awesome intersection of many branches of mathematics and computer science. I’d even venture to say […]

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Google APAC 2017 University Test – Google Code Jam

August 24, 2016

Calling all university students interested in a career at Google: it’s time to register and start practicing for the Google APAC 2017 University Test! This year, we have opened the […]