Graduate Internship Program – Red Hat, India

June 14, 2017

Red Hat Bangalore is offering Graduate Internship program. This is 6 months paid graduate internship program based in Red Hat Bangalore with the DevTools team.

Red Hat, Inc. is an American multinational software company providing open-source software products to the enterprise community. Founded in 1993, Red Hat has its corporate headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina, with satellite offices worldwide. If interested, please reach with your CV and cover letter demonstrating your past works and experience at

About the Internship

During this internship, you are expected to learn from your mentors and work on a project that will be deployed to production. It will not be a sub-ordinate/admin help project. You will work with contributors distributed in multiple teams spread across America, Europe and Asia. You will be part of daily standup calls, sprint planning, sprint demos and retrospectives. So you will be a first class member of the team. During the internship, you should have full access to Red Hat University courses and you could pursue RH certifications for free of cost in your free time.

What is DevTools team and what does it do? Can you give some examples of your work?
Our mandate is to make lives of Developer easier. We are building a complete end-to-end platform for developers. We call it You can find most of our code here. Yes, indeed everything we do is open source and you are welcome to contribute. Here are some concrete examples: We contribute to Eclipse, Eclipse Che, Docker,  Kubernetes, OpenShift, JBoss and more as part of our daily job. We have members in our group who are or have been on the board of various OpenSource foundations. We have inventors of programming languages and creators of various specifications (JSR, W3C) in our group. One of our team members is the CentOS Project lead. We have people who contribute to GCC, gdb, JDK in our group. We have UI/UX champions amongst us.
What will I work on?
We are a multi-technology/multi-disciplinary team. We extensively use Go, Python, Java, JavaScript, AngularJS and more. We work on latest cloud and container technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, AWS and more. Our project has Machine Learning, Data Science applications as one of the major components. Everything you do will be opensource.
What am I expected to know?
You should good in the programming language of your choice. We know that you are a fresh graduate, so we don’t expect you to know everything. But you should be able to justify things you have written in your resume. If you are good in one or two programming languages (C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby, Go ... choose your pick) and confident in Data Structures and Algorithms then you are all set.
What disciplines/domain will I be working in?
It really depends on your interview performance, aptitude and knowledge. But we are hiring interns for Development (UI, Backend, Analytics, Data Science), Quality Engineering, and UX.
Is this a Product or a Service Opportunity? is a product that we are building. The DevTools team is 100% invested in building a great product. You will work in complete product development model. We have 3 weekly sprints. We do demos at the end of every sprint. We release roughly every 9 weeks without any compromise.
Is this a consulting opportunity?
No. This is purely “getting your hands dirty” opportunity. You will have write code daily. You will have demo your working code, prototypes, feature every 3 weeks. We expect you to be solving engineering problems and we will treat you as an engineer no matter what your qualification.
Is this a SysAdmin internship?
No, you are expected to design and write code. You might have to set up a cluster or deploy the application you are developing. You will be given pointers on how to do so if the need arises and will get ample guidance.
I contribute to an OpenSource project. Can I apply for the internship?
You are awesome! Would love to talk to you about your project and what you learnt from your contributions. When can we talk?
I am in the 3rd year. Can I intern for only 3 months because my college won’t let me skip classes for 6 months?
Ideally no. It won’t be beneficial for either you or us with a shorter term.
I am in 4th year and I can take 6 months off for internship because I took fast track courses previously. Can I intern with you?
Mostly yes, but it depends. Discuss that with management and HR during the interview process. We wouldn’t want to let go of an awesome candidate so we will try to accommodate you. But remember, you have to give us a full-time commitment for 6 months.
I am awaiting my results / I am a graduate / I am a graduate but don’t have a job yet. Can I intern? 
Definitely. This program is made for you. You have to clear the interview process though.
I am graduate and I have a job but I am interested in RH internship. Can I intern?
Definitely. We love you and your passion for joining Red Hat. But do remember, this is internship and the stipend might be lower than your salary. Make sure you state that to management and HR during the process.
Where will I be located? Can I work remotely?
Bangalore. There is no compromise to this condition. We believe in a certain culture of working, sharing and growing. We are we very young group and we believe that is possible only if we are all under the same roof.
What is the stipend amount?
It depends. Anywhere between INR 15000 – INR 20000 per month depending on your skillset.
When do I have to start?
We would love to have you asap but we can discuss during the interview process. Ideally, we start our program during July-August timeframe.
If interested, please reach with your CV and cover letter demonstrating your past works and experience at

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