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April 27, 2017

We at Flow always take care of what we are publishing, whom we are partnering with and how much they care about the mission, their people, and the culture. This edition, we are honored to partner with Wobe.

Wobe have build a flat culture where everybody has a voice and grows together with the company. They understand not everyone is same, and allow remote development, literally you can be anywhere, intake people who care about the mission, especially from women, non-binary people, people of color and anyone, who feels they don’t fit in a checkbox. Besides, Wobe uses fairly new tools like the Golang and React Native in production; have a fairly complex microservices architecture and a very dynamic team.

Wobe is a tech company building impactful solutions in economies where cash rules by providing banking services to the unbanked. It has its customers in Indonesia, the management in Singapore and the development team is located around the world, and is one of the fastest growing startup in Asia.

Wobe is currently seeking React native developers at its Bangalore, India office. Remote option is also available.



  • Published at least one Android application with react-native and redux. (This is the only hard requirement. All the other requirements are optional).
  • Firebase cloud messaging
  • Facebook or Google analytics
  • CodePush
  • AMQP
  • Markdown
  • AWS/GCP/Azure
  • CI/CD pipelines
  • Github
  • brew, if you use macOS
  • Prometheus, statsd, grafana, inter alia
  • Latin


  • Translate sketch files into code
  • Apply your knowledge to buld maintainable systems
  • Identify and fix performance bottlenecks
  • Build testing frameworks that catch problems early
  • Ship code to production every day
  • Collaborate with in-house and external teams to deliver features • Keep learning
  • Use open source components and contribute back to them


  • Full remote development team.
  • Competitive salary, starting from 1300-3000 USD per month, based upon the skill and experience.
  • Flat organisation.
  • ESOPs on offer
  • Diverse, inclusive team.
  • Bi-annual company retreat

Are you interested

If you have any query or want to apply send you CV and portfolio/github profile to harshit@makemeflow.org


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