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Machine Learning Camp Jeju, South Korea – 2017 (Fully Funded)

April 17, 2017

Deep Learning Camp Jeju 2017 is a month-long program (July 3-28, 2017) where participants gain hands-on experience with TensorFlow through individual-based projects with the goal of implementing new deep learning related ideas, and/or already-published ideas. More than a dozen industry experts with strong backgrounds in deep learning and TensorFlow implementation will serve as project mentors to guide participants.

Jeff Dean (Google Senior Fellow via Hangout), Rajat Monga (Google/TensorFlow Director (TBC)), and Prof. KyungHyun Cho (NYU, (TBC)) will give keynote talks. Plus, you will have access to experienced mentors including Namju Kim (Head of Research for Kakao Brain), Sung Kimjeju nu.

Those selected as participants will be provided with one round-trip airfare (up to 300 USD) to Jeju Island (South Korea), room and board at Jeju National University, USD 1,000 in stipends (can be used for the airfare, etc.) and USD 500 to 1,000 in Google Cloud Credit. In addition to these benefits, participants will gain valuable and practical experience in the field of deep learning.


Mentor Recruitment: If you’re interested in sharing your experiences and expertise with the camp, please contact at You will serve as personal mentors to 1 to 2 participants, holding 2 to 3 on/offline meetings a week to help them successfully complete their projects. While it is possible for you to provide online-only mentoring, we suggest you visit Jeju Island to meet with your mentees in person. Round-trip airfare would be provided (up to USD 300) to Jeju Island and up to five (5) days of room and board.

Camp Overview

  • Date: July 3rd through 28th, 2017 (Check-in date: July 2nd)
  • Participants: 20
  • Location: Jeju National University / Kakao Space.1
  • Organizers: TensorFlow Korea User Group, Kakao, Google, Smart Grid CK Center in Jeju National Univ, Jeju Center for Creative Economy and Innovation, Jeju Local Government (Subject to change)
  • Apply (By April 20 11:59 PM AOE)

Benefits (TBD)

  • Full month of hands-on experience training deep learning models with TensorFlow and mentorship from top developers
  • Round-trip airfare to Jeju Island (up to $300 USD)
  • Accommodation in Jeju National University or Kakao Space, Jeju
  • Stipend: 1,000 USD (can be used for the airfare, etc.)
  • Google Cloud Credit ($500~1000 TBD)


  • No nationality, gender, age, degree, education requirements
  • Must be able to stay in Jeju Island from July 3rd to 28th. (Weekday camp programs run from 10AM to 5PM)
  • Good understanding of TensorFlow and deep learning and ability to train models (should be able to understand all in
  • Being able to release the code written during the camp publicly on github
  • Basic communication skills in English (All programs will be in English)

Proposal examples:

  • “I will implement paper X from 2016 NIPS Conference using TensorFlow and apply idea Y to the implementation”
  • “My goal is to add idea X to existing TensorFlow model Y and apply it to dataset Z” (Please justify why you are interested in the particular paper, model, dataset, etc. Write your proposal as detailed as possible as it will be the primary criteria to select participants.)

Basic Tasks (but not limited to)

  • Each participant will implement own deep learning related ideas and recently published ideas (in ICML, ICLR, NIPS, etc.) in TensorFlow. Or adapt already implemented ideas to the new dataset. Participants will propose in the application.
  • Participate in the camp program. (10AM-5PM on weekday basis from July 1 to July 30)
  • Deep learning and TensorFlow expert mentors will advise each participant.
  • Release the code on the GitHub as Open Source.

Important dates

  • Application due: April 20 (AOE time zone)
  • Notification: May 10
  • Mentor assignment and online discussion: June 1
  • Camp starts: July 3

Application (By April 20 11:59PM AOE)

  • Detailed proposal for Deep Learning Camp Jeju 2017 project (Please be as detailed as possible)
  • CV that showcases applicant’s experience with deep learning and TensorFlow
  • Previously implemented models (GitHub or other)
  • Other supporting materials to show your qualification



Q: What are we doing during the one month program?

A: Basically, we design a deep learning model and fully implement using TensorFlow. It is also possible to (re) implement a published paper (by others) and adapt it for new datasets. Based on this, each participant will propose their own plans in their application.

Q: What type of Visa is required for foreigners?

A: No visa is required for most countries. Please check at

Q. Can I apply for partial participation? (i.e. only weekends)

A: Unfortunately No.

Q: Is this only for students?

A: No. Anyone who can spend one full month in Jeju Island in Korea, and work from 10AM-5PM during the weekdays can apply.

Q: Is this a contest?

A: No, this is not a contest. Individuals will have different projects.

Q: Is this a training or teaching program?

A: This is not specifically a teaching event. The applicant should have good understandings on programming, machine learning/deep learning, and TensorFlow. However, we will provide mentors to assist you on your project.

Q: Will data for training be provided or it is up to participants?

A: We will provide some public data sets but participants can also utilize their own data.

Q: Should I bring my laptop?

A: We won’t provide PCs. You need to bring your laptop. However, we will provide cloud server credits.

Q: Training takes a lot of time and computing power. Does the camp provide any support?

A: We will provide cloud server credits.

Q: What are the criteria for selecting applicants?

A: There is no formal criteria, but we are looking for interesting and feasible projects.

Q: What if the attendee cannot complete the work that they submitted?

A: There is no penalty, but mentors will guide each participant to success.

Q: Can developers/researchers working on longer term projects like apply? In this case, one month may not be sufficient time to finish the work. Is it OK to apply?

A: It’s OK. As long as the project is interesting, we will consider it. You can also propose a small portion of a larger project that you wish to work on for a month.

Q: Is this only for deep learning? Can I propose a reinforcement learning project?

A: Yes, reinforcement learning is acceptable. Feel free to include other types of interesting machine learning projects.

Q: Can I participate in a keynote session or open seminars even though I am not a camp participant?

A: Yes, the keynote and open seminars are open to everyone. We will have a separate announcement regarding keynote sessions and open seminars.

Q: I do have more questions. Where should I contact?

A: Please use the issue ( of this page to ask questions.


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