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April 5, 2017


By Pippin Barr

Pippin Barr makes games and currently teach game design and internet-based interventions and art projects at the Department of Design and Computation Arts at Concordia University in Montréal.

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Life is meaningless! Maybe you need some kind of ism to attempt to ward off the inevitable and unavoidable despair! Here, have some isms made of snakes! Life is still meaningless but now you have a bunch of snakes as well! Thank me later!

(browser, mobile- and tablet-friendly)


Let There Be Smite!

A God-game from another mother! Whatever that means! Take on the Big Job and decide whether to punish or forgive all the Sinners in the world! If you get sick of them, just flood the planet!

Let There Be Smite! banner

Play Let There Be Smite! in your browser

The Artist Is Present

Are games art?! This one definitely is! The Artist is Present is a Sierra-style recreation of the famed performance piece of the same name by artist Marina Abramovic at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Have the experience only a lucky few have ever had! Stare into Marina Abramovic’s eyes! Make of it what you will! Just like art!

The Artist is Present banner

Play The Artist Is Present in your browser

Trolley Problem

Games and ethics! It’s the oldest chestnut in the book! Try your hand at the switch and see what you would do in a series of gruelling ethical challenges from the all-time classic ethical thought experiment from philosophy, the trolley problem! Choose wisely and well! No regrets!

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Play Trolley Problem in your browser



Dance?! Did you say dance?! Come on, my boy! Together! Let’s go! Again! Down! Boss… I have so much to tell you! Now’s your chance to go head to head in a furious Greek dancing contest against Zorba himself!

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Play ZORBA in your browser

Epic Sax Game

Daaaah! Dah dahdah dahdah-dah! Dah dahdah dahdah-dah! Daaaaaahdah daaaaaadah dah dah dah dah dah! Yes! Epic Sax Guy is now the star of his very own game! You, too, can live out the Epic Sax Life! Play your saxophone in a variety of settings! Practice in your room! Win Eurovision 2010! Win YouTube! Do it all!

Play Epic Sax Game in your browser

Hot Coffee

You wanna have some coffee?! Alright! Let’s have us some coffee! Some coffee! If you know what I mean! And I think that you do! Some? Coffee! That’s right. How about you get on into this game have have yourself some coffee?! Coffee! Hot, hot coffee!

Play Hot Coffee in your browser

Ludwig Von Beatdown

Play the unfamous web version of that famous game everyone’s been talking about! Run! Walk! Shove! Jostle! It’s basically the same thing! But without all the effort! Be part of a democratizing force for good in the world!

Ludwig Von Beatdown banner

Play Ludwig Von Beatdown in your browser


Hut one! Hut two! Hut eleven! Hut whatever! Hut hut hut! It’s game time, kicker! Taste the incomparable flavours of glory and defeat! Even a tied game perhaps! Play as the kicker on an American football team! Get used to life on the sidelines, kid!

Kicker banner

Play Kicker in your browser

Art Game

Experience the exhilaration of making art you really believe in! Experience the agony of rejection by the curatorial team! Consider selling out and just making what people seem to want! Change your mind again and follow your dreams! Be a star of the art world! Be a horrible failure! Be an artist!

Art Game banner

Play Art Game in your browser

The Digital Marina Abramovic Institute

Welcome to the Digital Marina Abramovic Institute! It’s like the Marina Abramovic Institute! But it’s Digital! What does that mean?! What do you mean, “what does that mean?!”?! Get in there and find out for yourself! Experience six exercises designed by Marina Abramovic! Watch some performance art! Get into the spirit of things!

Digital Marina Abramovic Institute banner

Play the Digital Marina Abramovic Institute in your browser

Jostle Bastard

You bastard! Or are you?! Delve deep into the world of being an irritating jerk! Or not! Are you a jostler from the streets or some kind of politely sidling dandy?! Or are you just trying to get by in this crazy world?! You be the judge!

Jostle Bastard banner

Play Jostle Bastard in your browser


Work your depressing day job! Decorate your desk! Experience true apathy! But watch out for the twist! Maybe you’ll be all like, “Help me! Help me!”

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Play Drosophilia in your browser

Lo-Fi Dick Fight

Are you ready for some Dick Fight?! An every night party! We got small and medium and big! We gonna get it dick started! Seriously though! Fight for your dick! Fight with your dick! Play with a friend! Knock their dick off! Or just play with yourself!

Lo-Fi Dick Fight banner

Play Lo-Fi Dick Fight in your browser

Don’t Drown

Are you drowning right now?! Don’t do that! Or maybe you could just let yourself go! Slip beneath the waves! But no! Life is a struggle! You’ve just got to want it enough!

Don't Drown banner

Play Don’t Drown in your browser


Who’s in the lead?! I am! No wait, you are! No wait who’s that guy?! What the hell, man! Catch up! Fall behind! Don’t even care! Be a true Leaderboarder!

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Play Leaderboarder in your browser

Get X Avoid Y

Get! Avoid! Avoid! Get! Get get avoid get! It’s the stunning culmination of every game you’ve ever played! You don’t have to like it but you can’t avoid it! Got it?!

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Play Get X Avoid Y in your browser

The Junior Mint

Imagen Seinfeld was never canceled and still NBC comedy program today?! Could there be a webgame about the Junior Mint episode?! Could you play as Jerry or Kramer?! Yes! A thousand times yes!

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Abramovic Method Games

Count rice! Count seeds! Step up and down! Talk to trees! Stop the anger! Feel the rain! Look at the colours! Video game!

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Play The Junior Mint in your browser

Let’s Play: Let’s Play: Ancient Greek Punishment: Art Edition Edition

It’s a game! In a painting! On a wall! In a gallery! In a game! Or something! Marvel as you once again confront that most boring question! Are games art?! Is art some kind of a damn game to you?!

Let's Play Let's Play Ancient Greek Punishment Art Edition Edition

Play Let’s Play: Let’s Play: Ancient Greek Punishment: Art Edition Edition in your browser (HTML5)

Indie Bungle 2: Breakout Indies

Independent games! Cloned! In a way! All the fun with none of the features! Hot topics! “Sex”! “Death”! “Art”! “Alternate Dimensions”! “Golf”! Bricks! Balls! Paddles! Breakout!

Indie Bungle 2: Breakout Indies

Play Indie Bungle 2: Breakout Indies in your browser (HTML5)


There’s a great novelist inside all of us! Especially you! You just need to get started! Write! Read! Write-read! What is that?! Find out.


Play Eveline in your browser (HTML5)

Game Studies

“Step into my magic circle!” Said the designer to the player! “There will be flow states! And narrative! And no ludology! Or no narrative and a lot of ludology! Whatever you prefer! It will be ergodic if not erotic! And it will be so immersive you just might drown in it!”

Game Studies

Play Game Studies in your browser (HTML5/WebGL)

It is as if you were playing chess

You’ve always wanted to be a chess master! But you aren’t one! Are you! Now you can at least look like one! Pretend you’re playing chess! Make moves! Act like you feel things! Smirk! Frown! Weep! Chess!

It is as if you were playing chess

Play It is as if you were playing chess in your browser (HTML5, phone- and tablet-friendly)

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