Summer Internship at Magic Leap

March 20, 2017

Magic Leap is one of the most secretive startups, funded by Google, in space of immersive augmented and mixed reality. Magic Leap is an eclectic group of visionaries, rocket scientists, wizards, and gurus from the fields of film, robotics, visualization, software, computing, games and user experience.

Magic Leap is growing quickly, and this is the time to get on board and play a role in shaping the way people will be interacting with the world tomorrow.

It asks that you apply to just one role which most closely aligns with your skill set. After you apply, Magic Leap will help find the best fit possible. Please note that if a match is not made, you should wait six months before reapplying.

Internships Positions Open and their details:


  1. Gajo says:

    Is this open to US-only?

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