If a black hole is hurtling towards Earth and we have 120 years until impact, what can we do that is theoretically possible for us to survive?

November 1, 2016



By Max Poshusta


Well here’s what we probably would do:


Years 0-20:

  • Everyone on Earth argues about whether or not we are seriously in any danger, and if it’s even a black hole.

Years 21-40:

  • Most citizens and the scientific community agree, we are in serious danger and we need to act right away to deflect the black hole.

Years 41-60:

  • The U.S. Government determines they will take care of this as a whole with small support from other nations. The other nations are all like “oh cool, sounds good!”

Years 61-80:

  • The science community takes 20 years to figure out a solid plan on what to do.
  • Republicans and Democrats meet and the Republicans say “you guys said climate change was real. We ended up finding out that was the truth but c’mom… Now you’re saying a black hole is about to destroy Earth? This is crazy talk!” (Mind you – the whole scientific community and most of the people of Earth agree that the black hole is a real threat.)
  • The two sides argue and argue.

Years 81-100

  • They never could make a decision that would likely bankrupt the entire planet, but would save the planet.

Years 101-119:

  • They finally made a decision but realized they spent too much time bickering back and forth.
  • The people who first discovered the black hole are long gone, this is their great grandchildren on Earth.
  • The people who were bickering 40 years ago are getting to be very elderly.
  • The great grandchildren are the ones who are now in agreement that Earth screwed up and dropped the ball big time on this one. They’ve set politics aside and decided to try and do something.

Year 120:

  • It’s too little too late. There’s nothing that can be done, even with our 120 year advancements. We spent too long bickering.

For fun: replace the word black hole with climate change.

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