Top 15 Websites to inspire the Designer in you today

October 14, 2016

1. The Next Rembrandt


The Next Rembrandt is an incredible art/film project that sought to create a new work “by Rembrandt,” so to speak, using data from his paintings. The research that went into this project is astounding: The team behind it (from ING and Microsoft) started with all of Rembrandt’s portraits—because he painted more of those than any other style—and narrowed down the time period, demographics, elements and even head direction of the subjects in the paintings. “After studying the demographics, the data lead us to a conclusive subject: a portrait of a Caucasian male with facial hair, between the ages of thirty and forty, wearing black clothes with a white collar and a hat, facing to the right.” The sleek website and accompanying film offer some incredible insight into the project and process.

2. Sans Francisco

A collection of digital tools for designers, this punnily-named website is one to bookmark for your next project. Explore user testing tools, typography resources, stock photography options, collaborative tools and more.


3. On the Grid

On the Grid, one of August's Top 10 Websites for Designers for web design inspiration

We’ve featured them before in the early stages, but they’re back with more cities for creatives to explore.

4. Teletype

Teletype uses an endearing, subtly animated mascot to welcome you to their site. The tool itself is an interesting and aesthetically endearing little Raspberry Pi-based printer. It even includes instructions for building your own. The experience is also smooth, bright and engaging.



5. Mix the Play

It’s your turn to be the director: direct your own version of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream with this website from the British Council. A choose-your-own-adventure website with an incredibly smooth experience,  you can choose your actors, performance styles and more. Every decision you make will change the scene entirely.


6. Periodic Table of Motion Graphics

I’m hoping the full site for this one will be translated into English at some point, because it’s beyond helpful. This “Periodic Table” of motion graphics includes the info you need to create each one in After Effects.


Link (1) Bend WaveWarp AudioWave

7. Here is Today

A unique representation of “today” in the scope of time.

top 10 sites for designers october 2016 edition

8. Product Pages

This curated selection of webpages, including product landing pages, checkout pages and pricing pages, allows you to view and explore sleek, successful user interfaces. A great inspiration tool for anyone interested in creating clean and effective ecommerce experiences.Product-Pages

9. Where Cards Fall

There’s not much to this website teasing an upcoming game, but the dreamy graphics and typography are gorgeous.



10. Indian Type Foundry

Indian Type Foundry, one of August's Top 10 Websites for Designers for web design inspiration

Elegant presentation of their typeface offerings with nice search options.

11. Beyond the Map: Rio

Didn’t get enough Rio during the Olympics? This elaborate virtual tour from Google Arts & Culture notably addresses the city’s less-touristy side. Follow your tour guide or navigate yourself between stops and explore the culture of the Favelas in depth.


12. MarkMaker


For designers, this is an intriguing inspiration tool that generates a vast array of logo designs. That is, we hope that’s what it’s used for, rather than a replacement for professional design work—but that seems to be the case. After all, the most interesting feature of this site, to me, is the algorithm it uses to refine the selection based on what you “like.” In the process it “attempts to understand the visual vernacular associated with logos for different kinds of companies.” In that case, MarkMaker could be an excellent source of design research given a bit of time. It’s part of the Emblemmatic project, which explores symbols and their meanings via other generators including Atlas of Potential Nations and Emojimoji.

13. How Much Does Your Country Invest in R&D?

An engaging, interactive data visualization, with interesting transitions from chart to chart as you scroll.

top 10 sites for designers october 2016 edition


14. Color Lisa


That’s Color Lisa—like Mona Lisa. But wordsmithing appreciation aside, this website is pretty darn cool. “A curated list of color palettes based on masterpieces of the worlds greatest artists,” Color Lisa is an intriguing, beautifully-designed and surprisingly helpful resource for designers, fine artists and those smitten by their work. Select an artist’s name from the alphabetical list to see a breakdown of the color schemes used in select works. This project is the work of artist/photographer/designer Ryan McGuire (one of whose websites can be found at the cheerful

15. Virtual Art Sessions


Explore as six world-renowned, diverse artists paint in virtual reality from any angle. I would explain more, but the experience says more than I can. (Works best in Google Chrome.)

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