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Hack a bacteria to bioengineer banana fragrance !

September 18, 2016

Exposure to genetic engineering usually happens at the University level. By this time, many students have already made a preliminary career choice. Introducing students to genetic engineering at an earlier age would expand their possible interest in engineering sciences.

An exciting and cool way to become a Bioengineer !

What if there could be a fragrance without harming any plants or if we could make a safer, better RED ?! Its your job to genetically engineer E. coli bacteria to produce a red pigment that comes from coral or produce a banana smell synthetically. Use Virtual Bioengineer simulation game, to genetically engineer E. coli bacteria to change color or produce scent (your choice).

Genetic engineers produce medicine, food, fuel, household products and now materials. There are genetically engineered consumer products in the hands of hundreds of millions of people each day, and this will continue to increase. We depend heavily on these “bio-products” and it is vital that we learn about the technology. We challenge you to become a Virtual Bioengineer!

Do #100Kbio Challenge on PC/Laptop

Together we can reach 100,000 virtual bioengineer! Share the #100Kbio challenge!

Moreover, art and genetic engineering are beginning to merge as artists, designers, and even architects are beginning to use biology as a medium to explore and expand what is possible. Discussion over the implications of genetic engineering on society and our environment is a critical one. Completing the challenge will set the foundation for further questions and discussions around what genetic engineering is.

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