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Y-Hack 2016 | Yale Annual International Hackathon

August 31, 2016

YHack is a festival of innovation, an arena of tech warriors, and a stage to present your big idea. Jam packed into 36 hours is a rainbow of events (talks, food, rap battles) that go on through the night while caffeinated teams hack on a Python app or program arduino-driven pumpkins to battle over Twitch.

We are an international hackathon hosted by and held at Yale, bringing together 1500 hackers and creatives from all over the world.

You’ve found the perfect place and time to learn! Whether you’re a designer, coder, tinkerer or somewhere in-between, there will be dedicated events and mentors to ease your way through your first YHack experience.

YHack 2016 will begin on Friday, November 11, 2016, and will conclude on Sunday, November 13, 2016.

We are providing flight travel reimbursements for all domestic collegiate hackers attending YHack. International travelers will be heavily compensated, up to a maximum of $1000.

Attendance is 100% free, and includes food, drinks, and more free swag than you could shake a stick at.


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You can email anytime regarding the YHack at team@yhack.org or fill in your name and email, for more such interesting events and resources.

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